Deep Strength and Peace

Royden Heath Protection EssenceWithin this grove of trees, in the grounds of Buckland Hall, near Brecon, there is a powerful energy. It is partly within the individual trees, which are old, and have deep roots, and it is partly within the ground in which they stand, where there is a deep reservoir.

This is a slow energy – we have to consciously slow down to feel it, as the trees have a longer lifespan than we do, and the earth is even longer again. Within this energy we find strength to support us when we feel that we cannot go on, to replenish our reserves.

We find peace, the realisation that urgent means ephemeral, and ephemeral means unimportant.

We find the time to stop, and discover ourselves, to listen to ourselves and listen to what the earth, the trees, the universe in its widest sense is trying to communicate to us.

When you take this essence, you will feel yourself slow down, feel strength coming into you and hear what it is that you need to hear.



Deep Strength and Peace

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