Crystal Healing with Tony RichardsonCrystals are natural minerals, with the atoms held in a regular structure. These structures vibrate, and the speed of vibration is different for each type of crystal. The vibration of Quartz crystal is so regular that it is used in clocks and watches.

From ancient times, men have known that these vibrations can help us fight many of the problems of the spirit, the mind or the body. These are often linked – many ailments of the body originate in the mind or spirit.

Will it help me?

It is impossible to guarantee that crystal therapy can help anyone. We do know that it has benefitted people of all ages, and has helped with many different ailments, including those related to stress, or emotional problems.

There are hundreds of naturally occurring crystals. Some of the best known are quartz, amethyst, garnet, hematite, moonstone, aquamarine, tiger’s eye & lapis lazuli.

What our clients say;

“I’ve been sleeping like a new-born baby for up to twelve hours a night… waking refreshed and free of pain.”

“Just wanted you to know that after my treatment yesterday, all my leg and ankle pain disappeared and hasn’t returned since.”


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