About Tony

Crystal healing roomIn May 2001 Tony suffered a serious attack of encephalitis, which made him re-evaluate his life. He had already been told he had a gift for healing, and now was the time to develop it. Training as a crystal healer took until the end of 2003, and since then he has practised crystal healing, as well as learning about other healing techniques, including the use of vibrational essences, and sound.

I see crystals as the centre of my work, but not the limit.

Appointments in the healing room are available during the day, or evenings, or weekends – all by appointment, but he welcomes a phone call to talk about crystals and how they can help in your life, at any reasonable time.

He lives at West Walton, which is between King’s Lynn in Norfolk and Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, with his wife Stella, who works with Flower Essences.

The three downloads below are articles I wrote, which appeared in the British Flower Essence Journal (first and last), and The Healer Foundation magazine.

For more information about me, please have a look at my Facebook page – which gets updated more often than my website does!


The self imposed limits of energy work

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