Crystals workshops

A short course of four full days.
Each day we will examine two chakras, their characteristics and the properties of the crystals that are associated with them. We will also look at general aspects of healing with crystals, how they work, and how we can work with them. Each half day will end with a crystal based meditation on a chakra.

Basing this around the chakras will give a structure to what we’re doing, rather than simply looking at individual crystals in isolation.

Participants will all receive a set of crystals, associated with each chakra.

A certificate will be issued at the end of the course. which I would expect to be accepted as proof of Continuing Professional Development.

You will need to bring some lunch. I use handouts, but paper and pen are always useful. On each half day we talk about one chakra, and three crystals that relate to it. We also talk about another aspect of energy work, including the aura, meridians, dowsing, programming crystals, flower essences and sound healing. We can also spend time on anything else that people would particularly like to cover.

Deposit of £50 by Paypal to; payments of £50 on each of the first three study days by cash or cheque or Paypal or direct bank transfer – whatever is convenient.

Workshop Dates

19th February, 5th March, 9th and 23rd April 2017 at The Zentist, in York.

Cost – £200 per person.

If you are interested please contact Tony Richardson
01945 780761 or get in touch…


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