Woodland Spirits of Buckland

Buckland Wood Spirits essenceThis essence was made during an encounter with woodland spirits as I walked in the woods at Buckland, in the snow.

I made the essence by feeling the energies of the spirits in the woods, and they allowed me to make a connection into my ‘making’ bottle – which was in my healing room at home, 200 miles away. I haven’t transferred the spirits into the bottles; but there is an energetic connection between the spirits and the contents of the bottles, so that the spirits can be contacted, or accessed, at a distance.

I believe that the spirits are living entities with special strengths and powers.

They have the ability and the willingness to help us with a wide range of spiritual or emotional problems, if we will let them. Not solve the problems for us, but help us to solve them for ourselves.

So the essence is “for” helping you with whatever you need.

The help they will bring is based primarily on what the person needs; it may be general healing, it may be specific, it may be knowledge, and it may be that ‘something’ which we feel is missing in our life.


Woodland spirits of Buckland

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