GoytreThis essence was made in Wales, and Goytre is a Welsh word meaning “town in the woods”.

At the human level, the town is no longer in the woods – all that remains is the word, as part of the name of several surrounding farms and houses. But the woods are still inhabited, by the spirits of the place.

They woke me up in the middle of my second night here to make this essence, and when I went to their town by daylight there was no sign of them. They are shy, and will only work with people they can trust.

This is a gentle, subtle essence, best taken just before going to bed, so that its effects can take place while the conscious mind is sleeping. The key word is trust – trust that you will receive what you need, and the spirits will trust you to respect and honour what you are given.

This is an essence for those who have started their spiritual journey, and are open to what awaits them.  It is an opening, an enlightening essence, helping you to see the path of your spiritual journey. Be still and know that the answer is there.

This essence may also assist with meditation, for all the reasons given above.




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