Roydon Heath Protection Essence

Royden Heath Protection EssenceRoydon Heath Protection Essence has been created for light workers who find they are under psychic attack. This can be from people who know us, or from ill-intentioned spirits. On occasions, the spirits will disguise their attack, so that it appears to be coming from a person, and sometimes they influence a person to attack us.

Roydon Heath is a nature reserve near King’s Lynn, in Norfolk. Whilst walking there one day I was aware of the power there, coming from a number of trees. I was guided to make the essence one evening two months later, in my healing room. Because it was dark, the actual making of the essence took place by candlelight, and this light is also an important part of the essence.

We have a tree, in a beautiful and peaceful area, which is acting as a source of energy, with roots going into the earth and drawing on the strength of the earth to give protection. It is working in concert with other trees around. And we have light included – the most powerful force to dispel evil.


Royden Heath protection essence

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