Shelf Brook

Shelf Brook EssenceShelf Brook runs through meadows, where cattle and sheep have always grazed. The people who lived here had to be hardy, to keep themselves and their animals safe – safe from evil men, safe from wild animals in the moors above them, safe from the weather. And the spirits that live here supported their safety.

This energy is centred round a hawthorn, a tree which has a strong reputation for protection. Spirits living here protected the people, and their animals.

It’s a very physical protection, not a purely energetic one. This is protection with a weapon, dealing with an enemy who has to be defeated, not just kept at bay with a barrier.

There is another aspect to this essence. Shelf Brook rises on the moors, right at the watershed. Rain falling 200 yards east flows to the North Sea, whereas Shelf Brook joins the Irish Sea. So when a particular drop of water falls from the clouds makes a huge difference to where it falls. A minute later makes it a different journey. Neither journey is better than the other, but they are different. This is the other message held within this essence; to help us intuitively find the right moment to do something, so that we are on the correct side of the watershed.


Shelf Brook

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