There are two organisations to which I belong. The Spiritual Venturers’ Association is a crystal healing body, and it was with them that I trained.

The Healer Foundation covers many therapies, and I gain a great deal from each of them

The Spiritual Venturers’ Association

The Healer Foundation

Crystals only move towards me – I never sell them, although occasionally I give them away. If you wish to buy crystals, may I recommend Steve and Hannah at

Cygnus Books
May I also recommend Cygnus Books, for books, CDs and much more, by post at excellent prices. They also do a regular magazine, available free of charge by post or e-mail, which as well as giving information about books, always contains articles that make me think (definitely a good idea!).

For other therapies, and to find someone if I’m too far away from you, please visit Health and Goodness at

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